• Treatment O for Petrol
  • Treatment O for Diesel
  • Petrol Supplement
  • Diesel Supplement
  • Injector Cleaner for Petrol
  • Injector Cleaner for Diesel
  • Cleaner for Crankcase (Oil Flush)
  • Treatment O for Lubricant (Oil Additive)
  • Radiator Cleaner

Treatment O for PETROL

  • Saves petrol and maintenance cost.
  • Rapidly removes gum and varnish deposits from spark plug, and injectors.
  • Prevents valve sticking, valve bending and restores peak engine performance.
  • Improves pickup and eliminates knocking.
  • Protects fuel system against rust and corrosions.
  • Reduces smoke and harmful emissions.
  • Smoother running of engine.

Recommended for all types of petrol driven vehicles, scooters, motorcycles, new generation and imported bikes.

Directions: Empty contains of bottle into fuel tank. Driven normally.

Pack Size:- 300 ml & 50 ml